Uri Aizik

Uri Aizik testimonail about kallan school russian course

I was a student in Sep’ 2017 – I took 4 lessons a day, for a week & lived in the school’s accommodation.

From the first minute I felt all my concerns were pushed to the side & that I’m in the hands of professionals J I will elaborate:

A. Firstly I was asked for my goals (Speaking, Grammar, Writing, Reading, Pronunciation).

That was great, since my aim was to focus on speaking Russian. Grammar, for the sake of the matter, is a mountain I don’t even going to try and concur. The teachers modified the syllabus for it.

In this respect I wish to send a special thanks to Lena. Lena taught me useful kid’s songs and tested me “live” — she went with me to a shop (in the middle of the lesson – a “pop quiz”) and I had to communicate in Russian. I’m not sure it sounds exciting, but it is adrenaline exciting!! It was the first time I spoke Russian for couple of minutes, holding a conversation.

B. The school rotates the teachers.

This enabled me to get exposed to several teaching types.

C. The accommodation is great – It’s a 3 bedroom flat, 12 min’ walk from school (with the best restaurant I ate in Kyrgyzstan just in the corner).

In the flat there was a student from Italy. It was good to live with another person (in Bishkek it is not common to go out at night and can get a bit dodgy, from experience).

The flat is spacious and have a full kitchen, strong Wi fi (we saw the last episode of GOT there, you can check it in my Insta’) & washing machine.

Plus, living with a flat mate helps to keep practicing after homework. Yet, a note, if you are choosing it please understand that by the time it gets dark you are probably not going to leave the flat.

D. The school was flexible with the curriculum — I had a week, and I took 4 lessons a day. After the first day we understood that we need to split it to two parts, and the school did it. Or a day I got sick, we moved the classes to another day.

It was one of the most interesting experiences in my life. Kallan School and staff was an integral part of this – It is an optimal combination of professionalism, friendly approach and cozy feeling.


Uri Aizik