MEZGIL teacher at kallan school



— High Education. Kyrgyz State University named after Ishenaly Arabaeva. Oriental Collage: Certificate of Secondary Complete General Education with distinction.

— Master. Kyrgyz National University Institute of Integration for International Educational Programs (IIEP): M.A. International Relations. Diploma with distinction.

— Phd. Kyrgyz State University named after Ishenaly Arabaeva, Russian and Literature department

Work Experience

Mezgil is a qualified tutor of Russian as a second language. She has been teaching Russian for about 10 years to private students and at language schools (“The London School, Kallan School”). She is a professional not only in teaching, but also in research on second language acquisition. Currently, she is teaching Russian to non-native speakers via Skype. Her research aims to develop a new approach in teaching complex grammar subjects such as the Russian case system.

Mezgil offers classes to adult and children learners of any level with different goals and needs. She organizes her classes in a way that allows her students to be able to communicate faster, to expand their vocabulary, and not to get bored with grammar.

Experienced, work effectively both as team member and independently, good time management

“Kallan School” Post: Russian and English languages teacher.

“The London School ”. Post: Russian and English languages teacher.