This Russian course is specially designed for students who would like to come to Russia as tourists and need to achieve basic communication skills in everyday situations: city orientation, at the hotel, buying souvenirs, personal information, etc.

Russian for Tourists course includes:

Grammar content:

Russian letters and sounds. Personal pronouns. Singular and plural
number of nouns. Adjectives. Singular and plural number of adjectives.
The Prepositional case. Basic verbs of motion (идти, ехать).The Genitive
case. Verb conjugation, Present Tense. Verb conjugation, Future Tense.
Verb Conjugation, Past Tense. The Accusative case: direct object. The
Accusative case: animate. The Dative case with verbs and telling age.
Basics of the Perfective and Imperfective aspects. Numbers. Some modal

Vocabulary content:

City orientation. In a restaurant. In a hotel. Calling on the phone.
In the a shop. At the market. Buying souvenirs. In the hospital.
Personal information (name, profession, workplace, nationality,
language, hobby, address, phone number). Countries and nationalities.
Seasons, months, days of the week. Time. Weather. Professions. Russian

Skills achieved:

After the Russian for Tourists course you will be able to:

  • Read the Cyrillic alphabet: street names, general city orientation, metro, small texts;
  • Ask the way;
  • Buy souvenirs, clothes and food in Russian shops;
  • Communicate in the hotel;
  • Order food in the restaurant;
  • Speak on the phone;
  • Speak with the doctor;
  • Tell your personal information;
  • Speak about time and weather.