This general Russian course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to gain or enhance their general knowledge of the Russian language, practicing all the basic skills simultaneously. It naturally combines grammar, vocabulary, communication and cultural content.

A1 Level (100 hours)

1.1 Grammar content

Alphabet and writing. Gender and number of nouns and adjectives. Verb
conjugations in the Present Tense. Some exceptions (жить, писать,
смотреть, etc.). Personal and possessive pronouns in Nominative.
Adjectives in Nominative. Inanimate nouns, adjectives and possessive
pronouns in Accusative (singular and plural). The Prepositional case of
nouns, adjectives, personal and possessive pronouns (singular).
Conjugation of reflexive verbs. Numbers. Question formation. Past tense.

1.2 Vocabulary content

Family. Personal information (name, profession, workplace,
nationality, language, hobby, address, phone number). Countries and
nationalities. Seasons, months, days of the week. Weather. Professions.

1.3 Communication content

  • How can I provide personal information about me and other people;
  • How can I describe some events in the past;
  • How can I give and receive a phone number and an address;
  • How can I describe my family;
  • How can I describe the weather;
  • How can I talk about my hobbies.

1.4 Cultural content

  • Russian names, surnames and patronymics;
  • Russian addresses.